The Fifth Blight

The Tower

Session 3

Encountered main room of the tower. Lots of debris; evidence of battle fought. Remains of barricade on the eastern wall, another door to the west. Alexandra edged over to one side and urged the others to follow to the east.

Fought battle in what appeared to be guardsman’s barracks. Three skeleton archers, and three skeleton spearmen. Roarke heavily injured on initial assault; Lenka and Alexandra fought the skeletons for the first half of the fight and on getting wounded themselves retreated and were able to heal Roarke. Overall, the team was seriously wounded but survived. In the aftermath, a note from Ser Greenthorn was found pinned to skeleton on a wall.

Up the stairs led to the second floor and a room with statues depicting virtues. Another note from Ser Greenthorn was found on the table, held down with a battleaxe. Four crowns on table were laid on a long table, which were inscribed about “The Good Monarch”. Alexandra placed the crowns on the correct statues that corresponded to natures about a virtuous monarch, which revealed the stairs and allowed the team to progress. Up the stairs appeared to be some sort of office in the tower’s third floor, where another note from Ser Greenthorn was found amongst the copious recordkeeping of people coming and going by the tower.

The party moved on to the top room of tower, where the spirit of Duty, as well as the Orlesian warden heavily injured and a skeleton of the long-dead commander were found. Duty mentioned that he had taken over the task of the tower, to watch over the comings and goings into town, to prevent and vanguard against invasion, for fifty years or more, long after the war had ended.

It surmised that Ser Greenthorn helped “the Rebel Queen”, Queen Moira, escape an attack on her life by Orlais by drawing the pursuing Orlesians to the tower, causing them to think the Queen was inside. Duty had seen a heirloom sword wielded by the warden, handed down by his father who killed Ser Greenthorn, and assumed that the warden was his father.

Alexandra attempted to bluff the spirit down, stating that Ferelden had won the war and Orlais were her subjects, and that harming the Orlesian warden would be dishonorable. After realizing that Duty would determine Alexandra was lying, Roarke told Duty the truth.

Duty then showed the party the extent of the blight to come, and the Wardens’ preparations. Duty then released them, and on leaving the tower, helped the Orlesian warden back to Cally’s inn to rest and recuperate.

Come morning, the party reunited with Duncan and moved on to their next task.


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